April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018

God saved Jonah. This part of the story is so great. God showed up in a very real way and made the fish swallow Jonah whole so he would not die. (There is a whole food joke somewhere in there, I just haven’t found it yet.)


Sometimes it can feel like we’ve gone too far. Sometimes it can feel like we’ve ruined the world around us and there is no hope. Jonah felt this way. He tossed himself into the sea and hoped to end it all. He felt hopeless.


God wasn’t done yet.


God wasn’t done with Jonah. God had grace for him. God had love for him. God had hope for him. Jonah thought it was all over and God sent his grace to Jonah in the form of a giant fish.


Do you believe God has grace for you? Do you trust that no matter how far we fall or what mistakes we’ve made that God will send grace to you? Yours may not come in the form of a fish, but however it shows up, it is a testimony that God isn’t done with you yet. No matter how far down you go, God’s not done. No matter where you run, he will chase after you.